Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Jesus, the Jew

Once a particular Bishop invited for the inaugural function of the academic year of our Salesian Philosophate, made the following remark, knowing well the Salesian esteem and admiration for Don Bosco.
Remember that Don Bosco was not a Salesian. He was a diocesan like us!
He said this not once but twice.  Though said it in a very calm tone, all present knew very well his not-so-fondness for the Salesians!  He regularly made best of such occasions to put down Salesians and extol the Diocesan clergy.

Later during the lunch, one of the Salesians casually talking to others, and within the earshot of the Bishop, made the following remark.
Not even Jesus Christ was a Catholic! He was a Jew!  
The Bishop got the message! 

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