Saturday, 11 June 2016

As stopgaps

Very many confreres take offence or feel insulted when shuttled around to fill gaps, plug in vacancies, either for a short time or for a long term.  This has much to do with perhaps, 'earning a name' 'doing something solid' and what not.  It also has something to do with the area of 'specialisation' of the individual.  One is 'specialised' and therefore one is to be sent only to those areas where his specialization is needed.

For me Salesian obedience (transfer) is a simple, Go!  You go because you are sent.  I consider this shuffling as per need (real need), a compliment.  It is a great Salesian virtue. That one is found capable of fitting into any context, any situation and trusted with a responsibility, even if not specialised in that area, is indeed a privilege.  Furthermore what kind of a skill has one acquired if one cannot translate the specialization into the context in which one finds oneself.

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