Saturday, 11 June 2016

Could have been more

During the last farewell gathering organised for me by the community, I sincerely thanked the boys for helping me grow in the attitude of learning.  While very many confreres felt bad that I did not get to pursue my Ph.D., never regretted one bit of the whole of last year.  In fact I did re-begin my studies!!

The only regret I stated was this: I could have been more!  Honestly, I could express it in Telugu but I did my best in explaining it.  Not that I could have done more, no. But I really could have been more than what I limited myself to be - at times out of my own laziness, at times out of fear, at times out of a 'not-my-business' attitude.

Just the other night, I came across this clip from the movie Schindler's list.  As I recollected watching the movie many many years ago, I could truly vibe with Mr Schindler as he says those sincere words.

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