Saturday, 11 June 2016

Of vehicles and wants

Summer has come to an end and it is quite cloudy since the past two days.  Rains have already set in and quite a few parts of the state have enjoyed good rains.  Farmers all over are busy plowing their fields and getting them ready for sowing the seed.

One thing that I noticed much during this summer was the increase in the number of a/c vehicles on road.  There were practically very very few vehicles with their windows open.  There was a time when we could count on our finger tips the number of vehicles zipping through the city roads with their window glasses all up.  As a boy I used to initially wonder what kind of people preferred to suffocate in their vehicles with everything shut than enjoy the natural open air.  Only later I came to know of a/c vehicles and sort.

However now, almost every vehicle is a/c.  Growing economy or growing wants?

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