Thursday, 23 June 2016

Visit to the neighbours

Yesterday evening I visited the neighbouring convent of the Sisters of Charity.  I wanted to say hello to some of the senior bed-ridden Sisters therein who were once in all vigour helping out in the parish and even looking after some of our senior confreres like Fr M.D. Jacob.  In particular I wanted to spend some time with Sr Modesta.

Sr Modesta was as bright as ever, even though her frame is bound to the wheel-chair now.  She still has the same lively and warm smile and off course she still loves to hold hands while speaking.  I purposely visit her every time I come to the Provincial house also because she has been one of the most outgoing and genuinely loving Sister that I have come across.  I know not how she was in her prime years of apostolate but in the last 10 years that I have known her, she has been a very optimistic and cheerful person.  Of course, she must have her own sufferings and grievances, but not once have I heard her or anyone else speak about her bemoaning anything.

I also met some others whom I do not know the names of.  Yet their faces were very familiar. One of them even asked me about 'another Brother' from Mangalore.  When I told her that I am the one, she added, 'he even has his family here in Hyderabad'.  I reiterated, that I am the same person.  Some of those who were novices then (during my term as Provincial Secretary, 7 years ago) seem to still remember me by name.  That was something strange for I hardly met them.  Anyway it was good that I met them all.  

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