Thursday, 23 June 2016

Who is your Cafasso?

Today is the feast of St Joseph Cafasso, the spiritual director of Don Bosco... a person whom Don Bosco trusted with all his heart and who knew the young seminarian like a son.  Yesterday there was a news article on BoscoLink titled 'Who is your Cafasso' ... a very beautiful way of reminding one and all about the all important necessity of spiritual accompaniment.

For quite some time now, the whole congregation at large has been feeling the need to stress and draw attention to this important dimension of our religious spiritual life. The lacuna is two fold: confreres, especially the young ones, not feeling the need of having a spiritual director and the lack of competent and understanding spiritual directors.

Perhaps most of the issues the Province is today plagued by could be resolved if only we, as individuals and as a whole, work towards realising the gravity and depth of this simple yet profound dimension of life: discernment. Personally too, discernment, not only in matters concerning the conscience, but even in simple mundane matters is something I find difficult. Even when willing and keen to approach someone for directions or help, 'whom to' is a big question!  However, in times when it was really tough, there have been a few people whose help I could always count on. I wish I could say that more boldly and consistently.

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