Thursday, 23 June 2016


Speaking of choices, i couldn't but notice the plethora of choices my own nephew and niece have at home.  I say this in comparison with my boys at DBNJ Ramanthapur.  Not that the boys at Ramanthapur had no choices absolutely, but in very many matters my nephew and niece have abundant choices. Be it in matter of food, clothing, recreation and toys or in more profound things as education.

Mummy would ask them individually practically before every meal, what they wanted for meals.  Very often half way through her preparation of the asked menu, a different 'order' would reach the kitchen - that too loud and clear from the comfort of the living room with the TV remote in hand and eyes glued to the TV!  Compare that with my boys at Ramanthapur: they get what is served! They hardly have a say.  Almost a similar tale about other things as well.

So I wonder, which is better: having multiple options to choose from or limited options?  Or perhaps the question should be what makes one better: Choices or Choosing?  Of course the act of choosing itself is a great teacher.

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