Saturday, 11 June 2016

The great phone theft - the grand finale

My last couple of days at Ramanthapur were quite dramatic.  We were hosting a large group of guests - the largest since I took charge.  Unfortunately the very next day they complained of the loss of mobile phones and tablets. To make matters worse by sun set a large number of them started coming forward reporting theft - from dormitories, from the hall and even from locked rooms! I raked my brains wondering what to do as the list kept growing.  Honestly I had no clue what to do. On the one hand, the organiser was expecting me to reimburse and on the other hand, some of those whose belongings were stolen were threatening police action.  To make matters worse I had already purchased 114 movie tickets at the 3D IMAX theatre for the boys as the next day was outing day for them!!

Cutting the long story short, and not wanting to indict more boys than those involved (merely one) I managed to get back most of the gadgets.  I'm also happy I did not have to use any unhealthy or violent methods to secure the things.  My trust in the boys and their trust in my word, worked.

Honestly, the two days were quite harrowing.  But the brunt of one boy's actions was borne by the whole institution and all of us.  Though all the boys were put to test for this right early on a Sunday morning, they all perfectly understood the motive and the mode.  None of them ever resented or protested.  In fact they were sympathetic and forth right with whatever information they had.

Again a confirmation that boys are basically good, even the one who picked up those things.  If the latter were that bad, we would have never recovered anything at all!  

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