Sunday, 12 June 2016

Cartoons and kids

Being at home for the past one week, have been "cooked" up with a steady and full doze of cartoons that my nephew watches all day and night.  He has his holidays and is almost inseparable from the TV remote.  As soon as he gets up, the first things he does is practically put on the TV. And it is always that same Disney Junior channel.

Roshni tells me, if you are so bored up within a week of watching the same thing all day and night, imagine our state when we have to put up with it all year long.

I really don't get what is it that appeals children about cartoons.  Of course, I too love to watch them (very limited choice though).  But to be almost obsessed with them?? Some of them really get on your nerves... that damn 'Oggy and the cockroaches'!

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