Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mass in the open

Another delinking factor between the Church and ecological concerns is perhaps the Holy Eucharist. Or the very institution of this sacrament or the model adapted by the Church.  I've stated this earlier as well but not this dimension of it.

If only the church had adopted the scene of the feeding of the five thousand as the Eucharist model and not the last supper, we would have had the Eucharistic celebrations out in the open. Not in some well built, brightly lit and highly decorated churches.  The open meadows would have been the places of worship, the altar and the celebration.

The Church would have fought for vacant lands and greenery rather than compound walls.  Instead of competing with neighbouring villages or Parishes in rebuilding 'magnificent' churches, the ecclesial resources could have been invested in preserving the ecological balance of the neighbourhood.

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