Saturday, 6 August 2016

Private Judiciary

The other day while lamenting the number of court cases and the issue of delayed justice, Fr Pandi blurted out one possible solution.  Something that never occurred to me earlier.  He was speaking of many political and authoritarian big-wigs taking the judiciary for a ride.  Cases where the truth is evident to everyone but none give any verdict and the case gets dragged on and on for several years. Even when the final decision is announced it is a sham.  In the process, those who cannot afford the court fees and expenses get trounced waiting for justice... lives are lost, livelihood destroyed, dreams shattered and noble aspirations turn bitter in the process.

Fr Pandi suggested, "Why not privatize judiciary?"  Well that's one viable option.  If various departments and business establishments can be privatized, why not judiciary?  Though it is the state's responsibility to ensure justice and speedy trials, when it fails and at times fails miserably, why not let organisations or institutions with integrity take charge. The state then can demand greater transparency and can be the final point of reference in case of retrials and undue delays.

Of course, that 'integrity' and 'transparent' words are huge blackholes!!

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