Monday, 29 August 2016


Mr Conrad while speaking of his impressions about the whole process of Strategic Planning stated that there could be three causes for one to change:

  1. One has undergone great amount of pain and hence wishes for a change 
  2. One sees others around undergoing change and therefore wishes for a change in oneself
  3. One changes because of one's own choice / decision to change 

His challenge was to avoid reaching the first mode. Why wait till you are on the edge of the cliff or desperate?  The second mode however is not the ideal motivation to change.

Elaborating further he said that while undergoing transformation, one does not throw out everything!  It is not becoming totally a new entity.  It is mainly about managing the present (60%), selectively eliminate the past (25%) and then create the future (15%).  Perhaps the crux of the process is that 'selective elimination of the past' - you really need to identify that which you feel is something you can do without.  Owe to you if you are not sure of your essentials and in the process of jettisoning throw out the essence!!

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