Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The food vocation

Last evening a gentleman offered me a lift from the Provincial house to the Yeshwanthpur railway station in Bangalore.  It was quite a ride.  He did not hide the fact that he was a Salesian once upon a time.  Today he is no more with the Salesians and living a good life as a business man.

Among the many things he spoke he was quite frank in admitting that he had joined the Salesians, many many years ago, only because he did not have sufficient to eat at home and liked the food prepared in the Salesian houses.  He liked the dosa he would be given after serving Mass in the Salesian Parish and subsequently that is what led him to join the Salesians.  Only later, he confessed, he realised that he had more organs than the stomach alone!!

This idea that young people join us for several reasons and for quite varied motivations.  Even in the case of this gentleman.  There is nothing wrong or bad about it.  However, when one sticks on with that same motivation - whether healthy or not - is the real issue. When one is not open to questioning oneself and evaluating one's priorities and thereby taking decisions based on that, then one is living a very flimsy life.  

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