Saturday, 6 August 2016

Touched... personally

A random crazy thought during meditation a couple of days ago...

Jesus could have very well blessed the river Jordan itself.  Anyone who would drink of it or use it would be healed of any and every sickness.  He didn't!  Why not? I suppose that would have been easier than blessing and healing each one as they came.  Imagine, the woman with the hemorrhage struggling to secure that cure! Why put people through all this trouble?

I believe the values of the Kingdom are not abstract or common (cheaply available, just for the grabs) but highly personal.  They are perhaps 'hidden in plain sight' in as much as they touch and impact the personal lives of individuals not crowds.

Take the case of the woman with the hemorrhage.  There were so many clamouring around Jesus, pushing and pulling him. But none of them reported any healing, except for this woman who merely managed to touch merely the fringe of his cloak.

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