Saturday, 20 August 2016

'Who we are' - 'What we do'

An interesting question that Fr Ivo and Fr Silvio asked, in their letter about the Salesian vocation, specifying the salesian brother, is the following:
Could the witness of a community which gives of itself with joy, not be an efficacious response to the worrying diminution of candidates to the Salesian life who choose to be Salesian Brothers?  Young people choose to follow us not so much for what we are able to do, but for what we are and what we are to one another. 

This is another strong emphasis of the SAFC this year: the life of witness.  Fr Pandi's goodnight perhaps specified it most.  He said he barely remembered anything taught to him in the aspirantate or those early stages of formation.  But what he has truly lived by is what he SAW being lived by the Salesians with whom he shared his life.

Rightly so, today we do not have vocations from our own settings.  The reason is all too evident: young people see us do lot of things but are not inspired or challenged by our life!  

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