Saturday, 20 August 2016


This SAFC there was a repeated request for prayer for Fr Tom Uzhannalil, the priest abducted by the ISIS and whose whereabouts are still unknown.  While everyone still felt this as something close to our hearts - him being a Salesian - I was feeling odd.  Why only Fr Tom?? There are thousands of innocent people afflicted by the ongoing disturbances around the world, especially in the middle-east.  Women and children are the worst affected.  Viewing the disturbing images and reading the news reports (from secular media outlets) that come out of the region, leave alone the human rights and other NGOs reports, one cannot but be moved.

I guess the pain is felt only when it touches the 'family'. So I ask myself how and why does our formation limit our 'family'?  Granted that embracing the whole of humanity is not possible or practical, but when such grave atrocities are meted out to vulnerable and innocent people, how can one remain unmoved?

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