Monday, 29 August 2016

Buildings and Mission

During the sharing of the members of the Salesian family perhaps the most important thing that struck me was the ease and conviction with which Fr Joe D'Souza, the founder of the Disciples, shared about his 'secular group'.  He was quite happy and proud to state that his society has only two buildings, a headquarter for Brothers and another for the Sisters.  Other than that they have not a single building or structure.  And where do the 800 odd members live and work?  In every place wherever they are called to help out.  In whatever capacity they are needed.  Anywhere in the world!

I know that they are not big intellectuals or the 'educated' lot but most of them are so committed to the job and the people whom they serve that they are much more loved that any one with vows and formal formation.

Fr Maria too has been strongly hinting at our obsession with safe guarding and beautifying our structures rather than reaching out.  This has reached such a level that we find ourselves as slaves of the building while it is supposed to be the other way round.  All our energies are spent on protecting our established structures than on people whom we serve, to the extent that we are willing to sacrifice our values and principles but not our buildings!  

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  1. Wow. Never heard of them before. Such a brilliant and genuine way to be disciples. Just as Jesus said.


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