Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The best and the worst

It is said that one gets to see the real nature of a person only in times of crisis.  It is also said that in times of natural calamities or disasters, one gets to see the worst of humanity.  Well, I've seen the best and the worst!

Here's the list of the worst (how and who):

  • getting the survey inspectors to review the damage to farm and property: phone, plead, send emissaries, wait, and sometime even bribe the village secretary, only to get them to do the assessment
  • approach the Revenue office with petition for compensation or help to repair damaged residence of the boys:  the MRO tells you, hostels are not residences! (So where do the boys stay? At his residence?)
  • erecting fallen electrical poles and pulling new wires to restore electricity: bribe in someway or the other, practically every Tom, Dick and Harry
  • distribution of food, clothing and essential material: not without labels bigger than the product stuck on each item, a big banner in the backdrop, atleast a couple of photographers and journalists, and the assurance that this 'charitable act' would appear in the newspaper the following day
  • (may sound absurd, but true!) charging cell phones, in the face of lack of electricity: people charging Rs 150

On the other hand, it was amazing to see some people like Nagaraj, Appa Rao, Suribabu and several others, walk in time to time, to say hello and willingly join in some work being done.  Even past pupils of the place (who happened to drop in for collecting some certificates from the schools or some financial support) walk in and stay on to help, just like that! Or a farmer pulling down the fence around his property and well so that those around, or anyone for that matter, could use the water from the well. 

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