Saturday, 11 October 2014

Situational Formation?

Our final year students are just back from a week-long exposure to social work and analysis.  I am told that they were working in the mornings and in the evenings going around the village collecting data, and evaluating the same in the night.  All of them look tired and worn out.  It is understandable as they are not used to such rigorous schedule of manual work, and study.

So I'm wondering, what if study for religious life/Priesthood too is made on par with this schedule.  We live in a particular functional house (not a well-furnished, royal palace).  Go out for work, earn our daily bread and fees... for as of now none of us pays for our food, lodge and study.  Suppose each one is to fend for himself... And then, study too!!  Not really in that order but all the same, why not have such a 'format', wherein each one has to 'earn' his formation process (study, work, pay)?  Practically this has several difficulties, I know.  However, I think we can attempt this module because the present luxurious model is not yielding appropriate results.  We get so used to the comfort that the house provides, that 'work' and 'living' does not seem our cup of tea anymore, especially once outside the formation setting.  

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