Sunday, 5 October 2014

At Don Bosco, Matunga

Stepping into Mumbai - Matunga, to be particular - is like stepping into another world altogether. I reached here this morning for the South Asian Formation Commission meeting.  Sundays is all the more special for this place. One thing that one cannot miss is the number of youngsters who flock this place, especially for games. Right since early morning, till late into the night there are scores of boys who come to make the most of the vast grounds of the campus.  This is something we hardly get to see in any of our settings back in the Province.

In the morning attended the Mass in the Shrine, recalling coming into the Shrine with the boarders, a decade ago.  The singing, the hymn books, the announcements, the serenity of the place and of course, the brevity of the whole service.

In the evening I took a walk around the campus recalling to mind all those past experiences during my one year of stay here (2003-2004).  Most of all remembered and missed Fr Ronnie! God rest his soul. As I came infront of the primary section (presently the IGSCE wing), I remembered the afternoon Fr Ronnie couldn't stop laughing at lunch. He narrated how a small boy came running to him right before the classes began and told him that his Mummy has come to meet him.  Surprised he let himself be led to the entrance, only to find a Sister dressed in a habit (a similar looking garment worn by the Nuns, just as Priests have their cassock). 

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