Tuesday, 28 October 2014

To make the most of the least

I returned to my community from Sabbavaram, yesterday morning, exactly after a week.  I was at Sabbavaram to help the place get back on its feet, and more specially to make it hospitable enough for the boys to return, after the place was battered badly by the cyclone Hudhud.  There are several things I learnt and observed during my week long stay there.  I will surely chronicle them in the days to come.  (I purposely did not click any photos not did I secure any, for I did not want to limit my experience to some visual sympathy or use the pics for any propaganda!)

However, my first and the most strong impression, as I get back to life here and its rhythm - quite different from the one that I got into, while at Sabbavaram:  comfort and luxury dulls the person; frugality really brings out the best in an individual.

No wonder why religious and consecrated life emphasises so much on the vows of poverty as a means to holiness.  The more we have, the more we become choosy and fussy.  The less we have, the better we appreciate the little we have and find ways to make the most of what is at hand.  

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