Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Attitude towards work ... being at home

By nature, most people I've encountered during my work in Andhra, are not industrious... certainly not most of the youngsters.  Some work hard, but only under constant supervision. Left to themselves, they're either drunk or asleep or both! Very many are specialists in dodging work.  They know where exactly not to be and if by chance they are caught up at a place where there is work to be done, they have skills to disappear within seconds.  The most favourite 'work' is 'khali ga undadam' (that's 'being idle', in Telugu!).  There are some who do work but take ages to complete something that could very well have been completed in an hour or so.  But all the while they are 'working'.

I closely and very clearly noticed the difference in attitude towards work, in general, during the past one week.  What makes the difference is when one perceives the work at hand, as mine.  The house where I live, as my home.  When I am at home, I give my best, my heart and soul, my flesh and blood, my time and energy, the best and last!

Another fact that was reiterated was the practical working alongside with the staff or boys.  It does make a huge difference.  When some of the boys and others asked me why I was so passionate about doing things all the while, I could only tell them that I consider this, where I am now, as my home... and I'd like to make it the best place I am capable of envisioning.  

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