Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Money, as the spoil sport

Over the years I've become convinced that money plays spoil sport in most human endeavours, especially those undertaken by religious!  The staff, students, and even visitors get the impression that there is plenty of money with the Salesians... and it does not take too long for them to become convinced of this!  How?  We Salesians ourselves live and give that impression.  This does more harm than good to all those involved.  A very unhealthy attitude sets in, among our boys, our staff, the visitors, government officials and civil authorities.  Everyone seeks to grab and use - the right word would be 'abuse' - the house, with everything in it. Rather than be concerned about the goods that we use, either in common or private, there is a tendency to merely use.  And if a particular gadget or tool is spoiled or damaged or misplaced, no one is really affected. No one tries to look for it or attempts to fix it up. Why? If not this, we can always 'get' another one.  We merely need to make a 'list'... and lo, a new one would appear.  This applies to clothes, stationery articles, books, tools, furniture, equipment, buildings, ... even food and people! 

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