Thursday, 9 October 2014

An apostle?

The apostles of Jesus, as listed in the Gospels, can more or less be divided into three groups

  1. The ones closest to Jesus, headed by Peter
  2. the ones who had the most number of contacts with the non-Jews, under the leadership of Philip and
  3. those who were very strict about the Judaic tradition. 

Though they had their ideological differences, they worked as a team, a community. However, human as they were (including Jesus himself), there were some squabbles, differences and misunderstandings among themselves on various occasions - not only after Jesus' time, but during his time itself.

Now for the questions: Can I add my name too to the list?  After all, the apostles were called upon to witness Jesus.  And by my profession, am I too not called to witness Christ and the Kingdom?  And if my name is on the list, to which group would I belong?  

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