Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Don Bosco and Psychological Sciences

There is a lot of talk about the utility of psychological testing especially in the pre-novitiate.  The argument is that it is not for sending someone away but basically to help someone better in their vocational journey.  I myself have seen what good psychological sciences can bring in for the formation process - also the trauma it can cause in some cases!

What I am now asking myself is how did Don Bosco manage?  His time there was hardly any psychological tests or sciences at hand to use.  But he did well.  The boys did well.  The confreres did well.

Another perspective on the same could be that he may not have used psychological sciences but he did use the available sciences and means to enrich the quality of his Salesians and boys.  So why not use presently available means to enhance the quality of our life and mission?

Another take: What of the simple traditional but guaranteed methods and strategies?  

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