Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Vocation as my choice

Don Bosco was not the Rector of a formation house... he was a 'father' to a group of young boys who had none. He was the head of an oratory. In this context the confidence that boys had on him made a big difference. The boys felt comfortable and free to open up, pour out their hearts and souls to Don Bosco because they had nothing to lose – they knew well, they stand to gain!

As with regards to our discussion, we claim to be formators, perhaps Rectors of formation houses. The boys in our care are candidates for our Salesian way of life. The matter of confidence is applicable here too. However, what acts as a hindrance, affecting also the confidence factor, is the matter of choice. In very many instances, the candidates with us have already 'decided' – the process of discernment is often skipped – that they are to become Priests, continue being Salesians. So in this context, the decision is already made. And the Rector (or the formation staff) is seen as a threat to this 'survival' because he/they can terminate my decision. The lifeline of this decision is therefore in the hands of the Rector. 

That brings me exactly to the heart of my concern: Whose vocation? Whose choice?

If the vocation is mine and so is the choice! It is basically my choice to respond to what God wants of me. In such a context, the Rector (and other formation guides) will be seen as facilitators or persons who help me grow in this response, in every way possible – certainly not as threats!

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