Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Exchange programme?

Staying at Sabbavaram for a week and noticing things, I realise that there is not much of a difference between a Nava Jeevan institute (home for street children) and a Philosophate (like the one where I am presently)... or between the children and staff of Nava Jeevan and the Brothers in the formation setting... especially when regard to maintenance of buildings, concern for goods of the house, allergy for prayer, resistance to hardships and difficulties, enthusiasm to do things for the house, attitude towards work, priority of food over most of the things, an amazing ability to pass stinging comments...

I wonder if there would be much of a difference if we exchanged the Brothers here for boys from Nava Jeevan! I also ask myself, if I was any different there than how I am here and now? And what am I upto, given the fact that I can affect transformative policies?

I figure that one of the aspects that does play a role, is how grounded has been my upbringing and what / where /  who do I consider HOME. 

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