Sunday, 2 November 2014

The militant Church

Only today did I come to know that the Church considers those living on earth and making their way up to heaven, as the 'militant Church'.  Furthermore that the 'communion of saints' meant that the three categories of saints, the triumphant (those already in heaven), the militant (those of us still alive) and the suffering (those in purgatory) are always in support of one another.

The former fact surprised me, not so much the concept but the title itself, 'militant'.  Somehow I did not expect the Church, of yesteryear to be so 'radical', even in according titles.  Besides it is also good to see that the Church does accord some status to us living, not so much as sinful and dreaded but as 'saints'.  That's truly very encouraging and affirmative.  

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  1. Today, in his homily, the priest told us the history of this day. And my impression was that the Church's idea of life after death in terms of stages and the state of the soul could also be interpreted as reincarnation in other religions.

    PS: he didn't tell us that we were the militants. Cool! so we are ninja turtles.


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