Sunday, 16 November 2014

At home?

I've been trying to decipher as to why the 'participation model' works best in a home for street children, and not so well in a formation setting, at least in the Philosophate.  My analysis may be too raw or biased.  All the same I feel it is something that needs to be taken into consideration.

A child from the street, is very enthusiastic and most importantly responsible, when it comes to partaking with the caretakers in decision making, especially those decisions that affect him.  Perhaps this is because the child or the youngster knows from first hand experience what it means to make a choice and then bear the consequences of the same.  The choice to leave home and take to the streets was his and so were the consequent consequences of his choice.  He has that learning experience.  So now when you offer him a share in making decisions, perhaps even guided decisions, he still will very well be aware that the consequences of that decision or choice are going to be facing him sometime or the other.

A young man moving into the formation house, too leaves home to either become a Priest or a religious.  But hold on, does he?  Or has he moved from one house to another? Does he really accept the consequences of that choice of leaving home and live accordingly?  Or does he demand and expect the 'new' home to provide him with better facilities than the one he left?  Is he challenged enough to 'make a home' rather than merely enjoy the security the present home provides to slip into a comfortable life of ease?  To one who has never made any further choices, nor faced the consequences of the first choice, to such a youngster 'participation' would only mean a cushion to make his life - and his life alone - comfortable. 

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