Sunday, 16 November 2014

The 'best' ... where to?

For many years I've always heard and seen in concrete, the policy of religious superiors to send their best personnel to formation houses - whether they be young practical trainees or seasoned confreres.  I too found this very logical and practical.  After all, to train those learning the ropes, you need to send in the ones who are 'ideal'. (One can very well contest who decides and on what criteria, the tag 'best' is awarded to some... aren't we all the best of who we are, or supposed to be).
However, during the GC 27 when the Salesians met Pope Francis, the latter exhorted the superiors to send out the best to be with the young, making explicit that the 'best' are not to be reserved for theology or formation.  When I read it first, I really thought that Pope Francis was not at his best that day. But now reflecting on that and all that is transpiring in my mind and around me, I realize the truth in what Pope Francis suggested.  It makes complete sense when I realize that youngsters joining us are not from formation houses but from different settings we work in.  And if youngsters do not see a life worth living, a challenge not fit taking up, why on earth will they ever join a religious order?  And even if they do join it will be for something totally counter to what religious life is all about... and why is that? That's because that is how religious life is presented to them.  

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  1. Yeah, it does make a lot of sense when you think about it.


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