Friday, 18 April 2014

Jesus' death

  • Jesus died for our sins... He chose this death for our well being.  (That would make me a religious minded person).
  • Jesus was killed because he disrupted the social order of the day and was getting too nosy. (That'd be the social activist in me).
  • Jesus was crucified because it was a safe political gamble - remember it was clearly said 'better for one man to die for the country ... (Then I'd be a political thinker)
  • Jesus was assassinated because the rich and powerful were being unduly disturbed by Him.  He had to go. (That'd be the Marxist in me). 
  • Not all the above are true (I'm a fool!)
  • That all the above are true. (That's wisdom!)

Just one subtle difference:
There was hardly any religious reason for the crucifixion of Jesus (speaking from the human causes).  Whereas human welfare was the primarily reason for his death (that's the divine perspective).

He was killed purely because of socio-political and economic reasons! But He died for us!

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