Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Betray Jesus??

This morning during Mass, Fr Maliekal asked a valid question: When does betrayal happen? Or rather, between whom does betrayal happen? He went on to say that it is only between friends that betrayal is possible.  Thus he was right in questioning Judas' "betrayal" of Jesus.  If Judas was never truly a friend of Jesus, how could he betrayal Him?

I look at it this way:  Betrayal is possible only when there is trust between two people.  So when that trust is broken, and abused then it is betrayal.  So in this sense, if I never really trusted Jesus, as a person, as someone close to my heart, someone whom I have willingly and joyfully given my heart to, then I don't think, I'm eligible for betrayal!  Indifference, yes; but not betrayal.  (Which of the two is worse?... I'll save that for later!)

On the other hand, looking from Jesus' perspective, whether we trust Him or not, He trusts us! He places His confidence in us and is willing to take the risk - He did it then, He does it even now! Knowing well, that the possibility of being indifferent to, being betrayed by us, is much higher than being a friend to Him, He risks being our friend.

The question now is: Do I betray Jesus?  Or am I worthy at all to even do an act of betrayal?? 

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