Thursday, 17 April 2014

Life inside and outside the upper room

This morning we had an interesting round of meditation.  He's what was playing on my mind and heart all the while.  We were meditating upon the theme of today's Maundy Thursday service.

What Jesus did in the upper room was merely a representation of his entire life, outside it.  It was mere symbolic of what he did that far and intended to fulfill in the days to come.  However, in our Catholic tradition, that upper room meeting has been really blown to gigantic proportions, often at the risk of losing sight of the real life of Jesus.  This dramatization of Jesus has been polished and painted and greased with tons of cosmetics and made to appear the most important aspect of Catholic tradition.  What we often forget and conveniently shelve is the fact that life was one whole for Jesus.  His action outside the upper room was not a disconnect from the action inside the room.  The latter was a mere 're-enactment' of the real.

Somehow very many of us Christians have clearly divided the whole of our life: inside and outside!  Inside the 'upper room' - the Church - we are all pious and 'holy'; when out of the 'upper room' - the world - what we do is not counted as holy or sacred.  It is profane!  

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