Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday best

I heard and came to know the meaning of the phrase 'put on your Sunday best' only after joining the Seminary. Not that I was alien to the practice of it - Mummy saw to it! Now here in the Seminary, we have a dress code for all solemnities and for ministry: the kurta and dark pants.  So frankly speaking, that turns out to be our 'Sunday best'. Certainly, not everyone, accepts it to be anywhere reflecting either Sunday or best!

Does that mean the Brothers don't get to wear their 'Sunday best'?  Heck no!  They wear it when they go out to write their BA exams.  Very many of them pull out new clothes - I mean, brand new clothes - just for this one time.  One does not get to see them either before or after the exams!  So perhaps, one can very well rephrase that text to 'Exam best' in our context here.

However, it is good to note, that more than before very many are taking a liking for the kurta. It is nice to see the development. 

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