Friday, 4 April 2014

Christianity Upgraded!

This afternoon sitting in the study hall with the Brothers, a weird thought flashed in my head.  What if Jesus appears again?  Would we then have to follow a new religion?  Surely He'd be a Christian (this time for sure!) but after that what would be his followers be called??  Now I know that He didn't propagate a new 'religion' as such but the point struck me was this: Would His next coming update or upgrade Christianity?  Well in His previous coming He did try, valiantly but in vain, upgrade Judaism.

What about us?  Are we perfectly content and convinced that Jesus has exhausted the revelation of God in his previous 'visit'?  (After all, the Jews in Jesus' time we firm in their belief that Yahweh had spoken and spoken much and that too in their favour... but Jesus challenged that!)

Now the Bible itself speaks of a 'second coming'... whatever that means! Even if taken literally, which very may still hope and pray for, what kind of Jesus are we looking forward to??? A resplendent, radiant and glorious Christ?  Does that ring any bells?? The Jews too were looking for such a Messaiah.  What if Jesus comes in a radical and more really down to earth manner, say being born in the red light area of Mumbai?  Are we ready for that?   Will we accept and listen to Him or would there be another religion in the years to come: Jews, then Christians, then....?

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  1. I always thought if Jesus came again and had anything to do with the church, he would be killed quietly in no time at all. No public crucifixion or stories of resurrection. Just wiped out before he became a major threat. Same if he came anywhere near Islam. Hinduism would just shrug him off.. another mad one.. no problem.

    Personally, i know he would confuse me and I would be severely challenged. And probably hopelessly in both love and despair :D until I developed enough courage. Till then, i guess i pray, do not bring us to the test!!

    you don't need to publish this one maybe :)


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