Monday, 14 April 2014

Where's my heart???

Since the time I read the Holy Father question the group of young Belgians, 'Where is your heart?', I've been trying to answer that question for myself.  Now that we are in the Holy Week, it haunts me all the more.  So I decidedly sat at it for sometime this morning... and in all honestly this is what I have to confess!

My heart is all over! It is scattered ... hopping about more vigorously than a grasshopper on a sunny morning. Now my mind knows that it is not the best of situations!  However my heart and my soul are still blissfully ignorant of it - or tend to remain so.  Need to synchronize them all.

For one, need to weld my motive and acts - not that they are separate or unrelated, but they certainly can be a greater integration.  

1 comment:

  1. Good question!!!
    This is what HOLY WEEK is for: to
    have CHRIST be the center of ours
    lives, as the key and irreplaceable




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