Friday, 4 April 2014

Search for God

Here's a beautiful reflection from the Pope himself in reply to 'Search for God'...
When a person searches for his or herself, they find God. Maybe, they don’t succeed in finding him but they are going along the path of honesty, searching for the truth, for a road of goodness and a road of beauty… they’re on the right road and it’s certain they’ll find God! Sooner or later, they will find him. But the road is a long one and some people don’t find him in their lives. They don’t find him consciously. But they are very true and honest with themselves, very good and lovers of beauty, so that in the end they have a very mature personality, capable of an encounter with God, which is always a grace. Because an encounter with God is a grace.

Coming from Pope Francis, means a lot.  Note: He does not speak of some high end Theology or dole out a list of Biblical verses.  He speaks of humanity, of truth, of goodness... How I wish we, clergy and religious, learn this basic fact and truth of religion and God, before we cause more harm in society, in the name of the one who lived in contrast to our understanding.

Read the whole interview of the Pope with a group of young people from Belgium (Note the number of times he laughs! A beautiful living example of how living one's humanity joyfully radiates divinity!)

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