Thursday, 3 April 2014

Quick! Some water...

Watching some of my students the way they respond to certain situations wherein they have to take stock and make quick decisions, all in a matter of seconds or minutes, I am reminded of an analogy that I had thought of long time ago. Here it goes:

  • A house is on fire. 
  • The one whose house is on fire is standing beside me watch it go up in flames. 
  • I turn to him and urgently tell, "Go! Get some water!"
  • He takes off in a particular direction. 
  • He returns with a glass of drinking water for me! 

Well, that's how some of my students respond to delicate/urgent situations.  They are totally at a loss. And when this is pointed out to them, they squarely blame it on the one who is trying to assist them, saying, "He confused me!" or "He made me nervous!"

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