Sunday, 13 April 2014

Radical Witness

Now that the GC 27 is over, I can this: perhaps the theme of radical witness was eclipsed by the elections. However, I have nothing against that, for as I said long time ago, radical living is not something done as a result of a meeting or Chapter but a personal conviction that I am willing to live out.  The meeting or Chapter at the most can facilitate it or act as a trigger.  So therefore, I'm still willing to give the Chapter a chance (after all, I've not really read the content, but merely followed 'news').

So when I read the homily of Fr Bregolin to the South Asian group, about what truly the word 'radical' means, I was quite happy.  He said that radical could refer to the origin or the root (in a static sense) or mean a point of departure, arising from the original and deep motivation - the ground - that drives a person to make appropriate choices here and now (that's the dynamic sense). He or she knows the motivation for doing something, and it is a motivation that has been purified of contradictory, less pure, especially self-referential, inclinations.  One is convinced, drawn to and provoked by it.  It is something embraced with all ones' heart, mind and strength.  Whoever is radical would harmonize both the static (one's identity) and the dynamic (what one does) as well!

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