Thursday, 3 April 2014

Formation and oysters

Formation process, or for that matter, any growth process, is something akin to the formation of a pearl in an oyster.  It is said that the pearl which is found in oysters is not something of the living creature at all.  Initially a grain of sand or something from the outside finds its way into the oyster and when it starts irritating the soft flesh of the oyster, the sea creature starts coating it with a sort of tissue.  Over years of such coating, and subsequent solidifying of the same, does the pearl form.

The only glitch here is that however many years the pearl may be within the oyster, it never really becomes part of it... or rather, the oyster never owns it up.  It only tolerates it for it has no other go.

So truly speaking, only the irksome feeling is true in both the instances.  However, formation, unless owned up, does not become me or make me any different than what I was!

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