Monday, 5 May 2014

I see the Lord before me ALWAYS...

Am back to blogging after a two-week hiatus at home for my annual holidays.  Not that I did not have access to the net but I just didn't want to post anything.

Of course, much water has flowed under the bridge since Easter Sunday, the day I reached home - both here at Kondadaba and of course, in the Province too.  This is the time for the transfer lists to be out and all are waiting!

For now, let me begin by what struck me as a good point for reflection from yesterday's Mass readings. It is from the Acts of the Apostles (2: 25 ff) wherein a text from the Old Testament is repeated. I found it particularly appealing as a guiding principle for the coming new academic year:
I saw the Lord before me always for with Him at my right hand nothing can shake me.
You have made known the way of life to me, You will fill me with gladness through your presence. 
What struck me most, besides the fact that the Lord is always with me, is that He is at my right!!  The main person there is not the Lord. He gladly puts me at the centre, and assures me of Him being at my right... my strength and my courage. 

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