Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Word of God vs The Bible

One of my allergies against the Bible is precisely this: Only the Bible seems to be the Word of God! Blame my catechism or my Christian upbringing for that! Whatever! And those who preach and are sought after in today's religious ceremonies also endorse this very kind of 'binding' 'suffocating' and 'I-am-a-sinner' syndrome. The words of Jesus - for that matter, any author or speaker - are very liberative. They offer much much much more than what is being said by one or an institution. Why not be open to that? Why not open up that possibility of listening to that? Why not let others interpret it in ways that are 'different' or 'odd'? For all you know, who ever said that God spoke then and is now silent?? I firmly believe that the Bible is the Word of God, but certainly not the only Word of God. He speaks to each of us, everyday, all the time! I seek to hear and listen to that too!

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