Monday, 12 May 2014

Wrapping up!

While I was in the Provincial house, Hyderabad as the Secretary of the Province, I was always surprised by the way Ms Rani, the Economer's Secretary, would rattle off the account nos of the various departments in the Province.  It used to surprise me as to how can a person remember with such certainty the many different bank account numbers.

Now as I look back and wrap up my four years of stay here in Kondadaba, I understand how Rani could do that... the same ease with which I can now rattle off the account numbers of my community, besides the important details of the same.  They are all just part of me. Not something which I'll have to check the files and records.

That I suppose is where one reaches when one is so habituated to working in a particular environment, in a particular manner.

Know not if spirituality also has something akin to this ability to 'know'?

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