Monday, 5 May 2014

In the Church!

On Easter Sunday I reached the Church early (about half an hour before Mass) and was happy to note many people already in the Church by then.  However, I could not but help notice, the increasing number of people reaching up to the sanctuary to avail themselves of the holy water blessed during the previous vigil service.  

The best part was that most of those approaching the huge drum kept to the right of the altar, were non-Catholics.  Most, reverentially picked up the mug, scooped a bit of water from the drum, dipped their fingers in that and then sprinkled themselves.... at least that's how it all began.  Slowly a few others began to take a sip from the mug - but only a sip.  After a while of this 'sipping' by several people, there appeared the children - this time, they certainly were the Catholics!  These children solemnly started drinking the water!!  This whole 'evolution' was thus far (nearly 20 minutes) very very devoutly carried out - until the children (Catholics, at that!) reached the sanctuary.  Luckily some elders moved in and moved out the drum beyond the reach of anyone!  

However, I was happy, to note the very many non-Catholics who not only visited the Church but also stayed on for the whole Mass - a phenomenon I observed even the following Sunday.  I was truly impressed - and inspired - by their reverence and devotion during the Mass.  

And a thought crossed my mind, as the Priest very politely and gently turned away some of them from receiving the Holy Communion:  Would the Lord Himself objected to Him being 'partaken' by these non-baptised?  I don't think so! 

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