Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Kingdom of God vs The Church

My fascination for 'Kingdom of God' is mostly because if offers more than what the institutional Church claims to offer. The institution seems to make everything so clear-cut and defined (even the KoG!) but it isn't so. So when the Church says that it has it all, I realize that we're missing the point. The KoG is certainly much bigger and wider and deeper and richer than the Church.

The basic problem with most is that many will not accept to see the subtle but certain divide between the institutional Church and the real Church (the latter being the KoG for me). 'Church' for most means, doctrine, Pope, rules and rubrics! Anything else is wrong or faulty interpretation of Jesus and His teachings. Theologically and theoretically, many valid and very profound explanations and definitions of the Church are provided, yet they are all again doctrine!

Jesus all the while was speaking of the Kingdom and today we tend to speak and defend all the time the Church! 

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