Sunday, 17 February 2013

A fine evening with the MSFS

Last evening four of us attended the 175th anniversary celebrations of the MSFS congregation's founding in India.  It was held at St Aloysius' School, Vizag their first institution in India in since 1847. It was a rather huge gathering and it was arranged very well.  Practically everything was seen to and the whole programme (Mass, felicitations, tableau and supper) went on smoothly.  There was sense of perfection in what they did. Not too many things but a few things, but done well.

Some interesting facts about the MSFS:

  • They are altogether nearly 1400 members (priests, brothers, temporary and perpetually professed). 
  • In India itself they have six provinces. Then another four Provinces outside India. Added to that they have something called pastoral areas or missions.  
  • They are currently present in 28 countries and the 5 inhabited continents.  
  • Their presently newly elected Superior General is an Indian, Fr Abraham Vettuvelil (the previous one was the first Indian to be elected to the post). 
  • They certainly have an Indian face to the whole congregation.  

I was quite impressed, as before, by the Provincial of the Vizag province, Fr Simon Paicatt. He was completely in command.  However, his words and actions showed no stress or tension.  I also was confirmed in my belief that he was truly a man of few words - just the amount necessary and the right ones too.  It was a fine evening.

Add to that the deflated tyre of our jeep that I observed after supper as we were leaving.  This time I was not confident of replacing it all by myself and sought help.  One good Samaritan helped and we were on our way back in a short time.  The next time, I'm caught in such a situation, I surely would fix it myself.   

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