Sunday, 17 February 2013


Paidamma's daughter, Gowri
The day before yesterday was the marriage of one of our staff members, and another staff member's daughter too was getting married. So in the evening, three of us set out to wish the couples as representatives of the Seminary.  Paidamma's daughter, Gowri was getting married close to her house (if one my call it that at all).  Paidamma's house itself is nothing but a hut.  I always thought that all in Gollalapalem (the nearest village to the Seminary) had pucca houses.  I was rather humbled to learn that of all people our own kitchen staff did not have a proper house.  Anyway, we wished the couple and then moved on to the next marriage venue, that of Edurlamma, another kitchen staff.
Edurlamma, during the short thanksgiving gathering,
we had in her honour a couple of days ago.
In the next place, the bride and the groom were not given anything to eat the whole day!  The were allowed to eat only the following day.  I was wondering if it was some sort of punishment?  Anyway, she seemed happy. Her husband is an auto driver and appeared quite a ruffian.  And knowing Edurlamma, I barely doubt that she'd soon settle him!  

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