Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Parable of the tilled ground

My thought for the night, to the community:
In the Gospels, the parables used by Jesus about the seed and the sower, the weeds and the soil, leave me somewhat still looking for the 'missing piece'.  Fr Thathireddy's closing comments after the Provincial Chapter, gave me an insight into this 'missing piece'. He said that the Chapter was basically tilling the soil, ploughing the field; the seed is to be sown still.  Most of us, staff and students, towards the end of the year, go to 'harvest' our crops, the fruit of our year long labour of study.  For many, there isn't any. Of the remaining, only a handful get something worthwhile.  The rest only pick up some leftovers.  There could be several reasons for this debacle (the low quality of the seed, the fertility of the soil, pests, lack of water...).  However, I guess there could be another reason: the ground was never tilled!  Never did anyone care to prepare the ground!  I am sure if Jesus were to have lived some more time on this earth, he'd have added the parable of the tilled ground too. 

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