Monday, 2 April 2012

M. Thomas & Co. and the SDBs

The half an hour that I spent with Mr Kamalesh waiting for our turn with the Income Tax officer in Vizag today, was quite enriching.  This is the first time I'm directly dealing with Mr Kamalesh and I found him very sociable and pleasant person.  My previous encounters with him were quite 'hi-bye' sort of, since I was not directly involved in this whole crazy thing of administration and accounting.

However, before I deviate let me put down what Mr Kamalesh narrated to me... as to how M.Thomas & Co. and the Salesians got linked up.  In the year 1972, the Salesians of the south Indian Province (of Madras) were on the lookout for an accountant who would see to their accounting.  The Provincial, Fr Thomas Myladoor in one of his conversations with a Salesian cleric (Amala Joseph), came to know that his father was a _________ (a reputed post, somewhere) and therefore approached him to help out with the Salesian accounting system.  That gentleman turned out to be Mr M. Thomas who had a couple of months ago started his own firm, M. Thomas & Co.  Initially Mr Thomas was reluctant to take up the offer.  However, by 1973 the collaboration had already begun. Sooner than later, a sort of special accounting strategy was drawn up for the Salesians specifically.

During one of the initial audits or evaluations, an Income Tax officer (or was it commissioner?) was highly impressed by the work and strategy of M. Thomas & Co.  That appreciation and word of mouth advertising - if one might call so - saw the fledgling firm of M. Thomas & Co.  grow into a reputed auditor's firm.

Mr Thomas headed the firm till 1986 and upon his demise, Mr Rosario took up the baton. Mr Kamalesh also stated that he joined the firm as a student in 1983 and since then stayed on. Mr Thomas, due to his ill-health, especially rather bad eye-sight (he had high diabetes), was close to death already in 1985.  By then Mr Rosario was overseeing the auditor's firm.

Thanks to Mr Kamalesh for this fine piece of information and also for being the defence person for our income tax hearing today.  

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