Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Sometime ago I watched Kahaani, a well scripted movie.  It breaks several myths and creates a new trend.  It has as its lead a female. Perhaps the only 'well-known celebrity'.  All the other characters are relatively new or 'never heard before'.  Yet, the script and direction carry the movie well into limelight and delivers a powerful message.  There are cinematic liberties taken, but sensibly done.

Vidya Balan does a really commendable job.  So does each of the characters portraying a very different and interesting role.  That each of the characters involved play a significant role and add meaning to the whole movie is something I liked very much.  That includes all those behind the scenes too, especially the cameramen, editors, and of course the director, Sujoy Ghosh.

Though there is some distant 'hollywood connection' (perhaps the finale resembles Taking Lives), the freshness of the plot too is very appealing ('cos these days there is hardly any creative script or thought).

Final verdict: a movie worth watching.

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  1. did you watch Paan Singh Tomar? Do.


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